Spring hours will start on Monday May 15.

Remember, registration may take a full clinic day…..first you need to register, THEN you can book an appointment.

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After completing your registration, check your email regularly. A booking link from "Medeo Health" will arrive within 1 CLINIC business day (refer to posted clinic hours). If you don't see it, check your junk mail or wait for the next CLINIC business day.

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Our Clinic

College Clinic is conveniently located in the Medicine Hat College where Dr. Nicoelle Wanner provides medical services to staff and students.

Dr. Wanner provides a unique, patient-centered model of service. You won't find a receptionist and no more calling for appointments. Appointments are booked exclusively online. Our booking and messaging platforms are secure, ensuring the confidentiality of your personal health information. When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, simply take a seat, and Dr. Wanner will admit you when she is ready to see you.

Covid - 19

All patients are asked to wear a mask to their appointment. Masks only work when they cover your mouth and nose at all times.